About AGRA

The Agra business model is rooted in agriculture, which is very close to our hearts. We value its significant contribution to the economy and most importantly towards food security in Namibia.     Who we are: We have been one of the pillars of the agricultural community of Namibia since its inception in 1980, operating as a market driven business within the retail industry....


Professional Auctioneering Services, Countrywide We provide professional auctioneering services for the buying and selling of: Livestock Game Property Movable Goods Swakara (through the Agra Pelt Centre)   Our well established infrastructure and wide network of branches across Namibia allows us to offer you flexible, personalised auctioneering options. &n...

Retail and Wholesale

You don’t need a membership number or card to buy at any of our retail outlets.   Through our countrywide retail branches we provide cost effective, quality product solutions including:   Feeds and Licks / Fencing Material / Agricultural Implements / Seeds and Fertilizers / Agro Chemicals / Animal Medicine and Veterinary Products / Horse Equipment / Water Pumps ...

Safari Den

As Namibia’s preferred outdoor outfitter, we firmly believe that a trip into the great outdoors shouldn’t mean leaving the comfort of home behind. For that reason we offer: An extensive range of quality camping equipment and accessories, including tents, sleeping gear, rucksacks, gas lamps & cookers, cookware furniture and refrigeration options; all from well-known brand...


Agra ProVision is the professional consultancy business division of Agra Limited, providing expert advice and support in:   Sustainable Resource Utilization Livestock Management Rangeland Management Agronomy and Horticulture Capacity Development Farmer Support and Farm Planning Research and Development Innovative Solutions and Advice   Enhancing Competen...


Agra currently owns just short of 100 properties countrywide; from Karasburg in the south to Opuwo in the north and from Gobabis in the east to Karibib in the west. Our properties range from undeveloped erven to residential and commercial properties as well as auction facilities;our flagship properties being Auas Valley Shopping Mall and Agra Hyper@ Lafrenz in Windhoek. The Auas Valley S...

Latest News

An uncertain hunting season Throughout humankind, people have come together during dark times to work together. This time, we plead and send messages to one another to rather “stay away.”   Die waarde van vervangingsverse Ons kan onself die volgende vraag vra: “Word die waarde van vervangingsverse nie onderskat nie?” Almal beklemtoon die bul se bydrae tot die kalwers se kwaliteit, met reg, aangesien die bul ‘n 50% bydrae het tot elke kalf wat deur hom verwek word.   2019 - Die Boskos Stoetveeveilingsjaar Namibië staan algemeen bekend as `n land van uiterstes en het ons as Nami...

Shares Trading Report

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Current Year 2020 776 201 1.61 21 483 265
Month 05 82 997 1.62 3 51 233
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Previous Year 2019 14 921 885 1.59 144 9 382 238
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  03/2020 400 354 1.60 6 249 001
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