Agra currently owns just short of 100 properties countrywide; from Karasburg in the south to Opuwo in the north and from Gobabis in the east to Karibib in the west. Our properties range from undeveloped erven to residential and commercial properties as well as auction facilities;our flagship properties being Auas Valley Shopping Mall and Agra Hyper@ Lafrenz in Windhoek. The Auas Valley Shopping Mall upgrade was completed in 2014 at a cost of N$120 million.  In 2015 Agra Hyper@Lafrenz development was completed at a cost of N$115 million. 


Currently, 90% of Agra's retail divisions are utilising Agra owned properties. The majority of the Agra Auctions’ auctions also take place at Agra owned auction pens.


Agra is committed to continuously invest in infrastructure, ensuring the highest level of service to our clients by creating the best shopping environments possible.  Agra Properties therefor spends a large amount of resources in upgrading, renovating and enlarging our retail branches. We are also looking at increasing our property portfolio if and when strategic properties are required or become available.


Agra’s property portfolio is currently stated at about N$338 million as per the balance sheet at year end 2017. The majority of the properties are valued at cost as they are owner occupied.



Going Solar

Agra Properties installed solar panels at all Agra owned retail properties, accept in Maltahöhe. After signing the agreement with Sedgely Energy, the first installation was done in Keetmanshoop and this unit has been producing electricity since 23 March 2017.


Solar panels have also already been installed on the buildings of Agra Karasburg, Aranos, Mariental as well as Auas Valley Shopping Mall.


This project reflects our value of caring for the environment.



Auas Valley Shopping Mall

Auas Valley Shopping Mall is the biggest of the Agra property portfolio. The upgraded mall is part of Windhoek’s business and shopping hub, placed in a prime commercial area, offering a convenient, modern shopping environment with popular retail stores and free, spacious parking.


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