ProVision Team

Pauline Lindeque (PhD)
Manager: ProVision 


Pauline’s background is in conservation and wildlife management, and she has many years of management experience, planning and coordination. She has strong analytical skills, a logical approach, strengthened by her accurate data management abilities, which has enabled her to develop and implement systems to attain specific goals.


Michael Degé 

Technical Advisor: Capacity Building & Entrepreneurial Development


Michael has vast experience in developing training programmes for different industries, agriculture and retail are two of the fields he specialises in. Over the past couple of years he has designed, developed and presented many courses in these two fields. He has extensive knowledge in project and programme management and has implemented many retail systems in different countries.

Bertus Kruger
Technical Advisor: Rangeland Management


Bertus has vast working experience on various aspects of natural resource management ranging from research, extension, training and management.

Frank Wittneben

Technical Advisor: Animal Production

Frank is actively involved in the development of upcoming producers and farms in general, sharing his knowledge on animal husbandry practises, cattle production systems, farming diversification and rangeland management.

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Position: Technical Advisor: Rangeland ManagementTown: Windhoek
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Frank WittnebenEmail Me
Position: Technical Advisor: Animal ProductionTown: Windhoek
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Michael DegéEmail Me
Position: Technical Advisor: Capacity BuildingTown: Windhoek
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Pauline Lindeque (DR)Email Me
Position: Manager: ProVisionTown: Windhoek
Tel.: +264 61 290 9378Fax.: +264 61 290 9345Cell.: +264 (0) 81 127 2978

ProVision News

Agra ProVision is a competent agribusiness advisory service that provides professional industry related information and consultancy to Namibian producers and related organisations. Agra ProVision offers 7 intensive training courses all year round, which are easily available to all interested people in the country; from communal farmers to commercial farmers. Upcoming livestock farmers are also urg...

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