Agra ProVision is the professional consultancy business division of Agra Limited, providing expert advice and support in:


  • Sustainable Resource Utilization
  • Livestock Management
  • Rangeland Management
  • Agronomy and Horticulture
  • Capacity Development
  • Farmer Support and Farm Planning
  • Research and Development
  • Innovative Solutions and Advice


Our core objectives are:

Enhancing Competence

Enhancing knowledge, skills and competence of all stakeholders in Namibia’s agricultural sector, including producers, service providers, development agents and policy makers.  This is achieved through the regular offer of training courses and customized training and mentoring services.


Addressing Needs

Providing consultancy and advisory services to stakeholders in the industry, addressing various existing and development needs – including business planning; mapping; farm and rangeland assessments; feasibility studies; and specific infrastructure advisory services.


Improving Efficiency

Continuously improving the efficiency of agricultural production and the sustainability of natural resources through research and development, and strategic interactions with land users and policy makers.


Agra ProVision aims to empower the agriculture sector to grow sustainably, by supplying and transferring industry knowledge and expertise via training, mentoring, and access to data resources, to allow  producers to  implement and manage their own successful agri-businesses.

Our expert team covers all relevant processes for successful business development, farming and production management, offered to our clients via mentorship, training, specialised consultancy services, joint projects, capacity development, research and technological advice.

Agra ProVision provides support in an effort to improve productivity and business success, in a flexible manner that suits the clients’ needs.




Our training and mentoring programmes are aimed towards farm workers, supervisors and managers at introductory and advanced levels on all aspects of agricultural production, marketing and farm management.


All training courses are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our current specialised support services focus on the following areas:


  • Business planning and feasibility studies
  • Grazing systems, grazing management and carrying capacity
  • Rangeland condition, improvement and rehabilitation (including bush control)
  • Livestock production and management
  • Game ranching and harvesting
  • Herd health and animal management
  • Livestock marketing
  • Performance management, including production efficiency and targets
  • Farm infrastructure development and maintenance
  • Farm planning, farm mapping, general farm resource management


Feel free to contact our offices for more information on our tailor-made and specialised support programmes, our expert teams or our consultancy rates. We will be happy to work out a training programme with you that will fit your personal needs and field of interest.




Agra ProVision offers regular training courses on rangeland management, where participants are taught how to determine fodder availability and calculate fodder flow projections for the dry season ahead. Alternatively, we can provide the on-farm service.

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