Agra: Bigger, better, Maltahöhe

Agra: Bigger, better, Maltahöhe

On Friday 20 April, a customer day will be held at the newly revamped Agra branch in Maltahöhe's main street, when it opens its doors for the first time to clients after several renovations and improvements have been completed.


To thank customers for their continued support during the construction phase, outstanding discount prices will be offered on a wide variety of products from 19 to 29 April, apart from Agra's regular month-end specials.

However, the branch's official reopening will only take place in May, when several stakeholders, businesses and politicians will be invited to a glamorous relaunch.


The 'new' branch on Maltahöhe now has a total floor space of ​​1 045 m², after additional floor space of 745m²was built adjacent to the previous shop. It thus offers a total retail space that is more than three times larger than the previous 300m².


The branch also houses a separate Safari Den section, where campers can purchase several camping equipment. At the same time, a veterinary desk was built and for the first time DIY products will also be offered for sale at this branch.


Additionally, the upgraded branch now boasts with more shelves, more storage space and a larger variety of products. Additional water coolers and air conditioners as well as a bigger parking area, will add to customers’ shopping convenience.


A salt store was constructed outside, while facilities for receiving and handling Swakara pelts were also improved. The branch still sells diesel and petrol.


Furthermore, the branch now offers perishable products for sale, specifically for surrounding guest farms and –houses. Agra Maltahöhe will now also provide a delivery service to these customers.


Agra aims to expand its retail services to communities in southern Namibia. This improvement and expansion of the branch was driven by emerging business opportunities as well as greater needs of the southern community.


It comes a few months after Agra reopened its revamped Otavi branch. Other recent upgrades include the newly branch built on Karibib as well as the upgraded Tsumeb branch.

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