Swakara: International Auction a success

Swakara: International Auction a success


During the March 2019 auction, the Swakara industry was again under pressure from the current challenges within the international fur market.


On average, the Swakara and mink prices increased with a couple of percentage points in Danish Krone (DKK), showing signs of an industry less saturated with pelts, compared to the Sept 2018 auction. However, in contrast to previous auctions, this auction surprised us with an overall decrease in price on pelt types (especially the white pelts) which, historically used to fetch high prices, reflecting less buying power from our regular customers.


100% of the Swakara offering was sold. Mr Carlo Guida from Italy purchased 5,082 pelts, which was the highest number of pelts bought by a single buyer, followed by USA Raw Skin Trading Corp from Greece (a company registered in the USA) who bought 4,544 pelts, and a buyer from Hong Kong in third place. In contrast to the Sept 2018 auction, we saw a shift from the Chinese market with buyers actively competing in the auction room for pelt types in the lower price categories, resulting in a significant increase in the price for these pelt types.
An average price of N$452.53 was achieved for the 32,975 Swakara pelts on offer, which represents a decrease of 2% compared to the Sept 2018 auction when the 23,326 pelts fetched an average price of N$462.42. This unfortunate decrease was due to an unfavourable exchange rate, as the average pelt price showed an increase from the September auction in Danish Krone.
In Danish Krone, the average was DKK209.34, which represents a price increase of 3% compared to the September 2018 pelt auction.


The auction consignment consisted of 18,952 black (57.47%), 8,877 white (26.92%), 1,830 spotted (5.55%), 2,162 grey (6.56%), 452 brown (1.37%) and 702 diverse pelts (2.13%).
The black Top Lot consisting of 48 “R Flat Selected Extra” pelts was sold for N$1,297.02 each, to Konstantinou Furs from Kastoria in Greece. The white Top Lot of 34 “White KF Selected” pelts sold for N$1,599.66 per pelt to Charley Intl. Holding Ltd, a buyer from China for the company Oriental Lady.
The average price achieved for black Swakara pelts was N$461.63, an increase of 20.37% compared to Sept 2018. White pelts sold for an average N$551.06, representing a 21.85% decline compared to Sept 2018. Spotted pelts sold for N$313.45, an increase of 38.84% compared to Sept 2018, whilst brown pelts sold for N$ 426.36 and grey pelts for N$269.99.


The auction was attended by 22 successful bidders buying Swakara. The top Namibian producer with more than 250 pelts was Raynold Losper. He achieved an average price of N$712.04 for his 400 pelts. Due to the outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease in South Africa, the South African pelts were not sold during the March 2019 auction.




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