First winner crowned in Agra’s Slaughter Ox Competition

First winner crowned in Agra’s Slaughter Ox Competition

Mr Christi Grobbelaar was crowned as the first winner in the “on the hoof” category at Agra’s slaughter ox competition for 2018, which kicked off on Wednesday 6 June at Gobabis.


This year marks the third slaughter ox competition that is hosted by Agra Auctions since the competition’s inception in 2016.


It is the first time that the competition is expanded to Gobabis. Agra’s agent for Gobabis, Mr MC Human did a great job in locating 34 high quality oxen to enter into the competition. The event was very well attended and feedback from producers were highly positive.


Next, the competition will move to Nina on 20 June, then to Otjiwarongo 26 June, to Aub on 4 July and to Windhoek on 17 July, where more winners will be crowned. Overall winners will only be crowned at the end of the competition, after the oxen has also been judged on their carcass qualities.


To participate in the competition, each producer must enter two animals to be judged on their hooves and carcasses.


For the hoof category, key aspects for judging criteria comprises of cattle age, fatness, masculinity, temperament and good farming practices such as branding, dehorning, etc., which constitutes 40% of the total points. On the carcass, the cattle will compete on the quality of meat, which constitutes 60% of the total points.

The competition forms part of the initiative to provide ox producers with a platform to compete in an organised competition and compare the quality of their animals to those of other producers, similar to the Agra weaner competition.


Agra would like to thank all sponsors supporting these events. Old Mutual is sponsoring the first prize at all the auction points, while Feedmaster sponsors the second prize and Swavet the third prizes.


All animals are slaughtered at the Beefcor Abattoir in Okahandja, who also supplies steak at all the competition points for a braai for participants and sponsors.

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