Enforcement of Producer Number for to Access Formal Markets

This note serves to Kindly request assistance in creating awareness amongst producers to register with the Meat Board of Namibia (MBN) before 1 June 2018.


In accordance with the Meat Industry act ( Act 12 of 1981), a Producer is defined as any person concerned with the production, manufacture, processing, import, export, slaughter and sale of livestock ( cattle, sheep, goats and pigs), meat and meat products. Any producer operating an abattoir on farms or at other premises and selling meat from such facilities should also register these facilities with the MBN. For the past two years, the MBN with the assistance of stakeholders created awareness amongst producers on the importance of registering as a producer and receiving a producer number.


The MBN intend to enforce this arrangement as from 1 June 2018. By implication, it implies that no livestock of a producer whom are not in possession of a valid producer number shall be allowed access to marketing facilities, whether it is an auction, and abattoir of for export. All MBN agents, are requested to enforce this arrangement effective from 1 June 2018.


All marketing facilities are hereby requested to inform their clients to be registered before 1 June 2018. Registration forms are availavle at DAPEES, DVS, MBN Agent and MBN offices as well as on line at www.nammic.com.na .

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