2013: Weaner Competition

Competition Dates: 25 July 2013 to 31 December 2013

Weaner Auctions - Prizes worth N$ 400 000 to be Won!

Best Trollie & Best Breeding Heifers (Heifers are judged on face value only)

Prizes will be awarded for:

  • Field potential
  • Feedlot potential
  • Seller of the most weaners
  • Heifers with good breeding potential

Overall Winner

2013 National Champion: Frans & Ellie Lottering (middle)

Hand over of the prize was done by Agra: Titus Koen, General Manager Livestock and Telecom: Piet Potgieter, Head Corporate Sales

Regional Winners

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Northern Region Winner

(left to right) Susan & Dries Swart, Arrie Steyn and Helisia and Marius Theron. Handover of prizes were done by Telecom: Jacobus Blom, Senionr Manager Corporate.

Central Region Winners

(left to right) Frans & Ellie Lottering, Bertus & Ina Calitz and Arnold Klein. Handover of prizes were done by Telecom: Christelle Olivier, Key Account Manager and Agra: Herman Lintvelt, Livestock Regional Manager Central.

Southern Region Winners

(left to right) Rykie & Dirk van der Merwe and Kokkie & Elzeth Adriaanse. Handover of prizes were done by Telecom: Sophia Egelser, Account Manager and Agra: Griffort Beukes, Senior Manager Human Resources, Danie Byleveld, Livestock Regional Manager South.

Auction Point Winners

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1st Results

Mr. E. Meyer, Mr. P. Eichoff, Mr. D. Swart, Mr. T. Kaijere, Mr. OM Stey.

2nd Winners

F. Lottering, D. Lottering, GB. Beukes, B. Calitz, T. Reiff, Jan Labuschage, G. Lithete, W. Brand, Lambert Farming, R. Stommel, KK. Katjivena, H. Martiz, D. Mostert, W. Loubscher, S. Kebbel, WD. Wieland, PFE. Klein, J. Bezuidenhoudt, AY. Wieland, A. Klein, W. Lochner, PFE. Klein.

Auction Point Winners

R. Losper, L. Niipare, D. Deege, J. Burger, L. Amathila, J. Human, JP. Deysel, G. Maritz, HH. Dentlinger, WT. Christians, A. Harris, AJ. Bock, JS. Motinga, F. van der Wath, J. Garbers & Sons Trust, CJ. van Tonder, F. Schneitmann, K. Adriaanse, W. Bezuidenhoudt, AJ. Nolte, UG. Hofmann, WT. Ritzdorf, AV. Zatjirua, W. Louw, GH. Eggert, MC. Smith, W. Falck

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Competition Criteria

Click on the link below to download the complete 2013 Competition Criteria!

Upcoming Auctions

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