Transit Insurance

The transporting and slaughtering of animals always include a certain amount of risk. Agra manages comprehensive transit insurance, covering animals from loading onto the abattoir floor, at a minimal cost. Carcasses that are degraded due to specific diseases as well as bruises, are included in the insurance.


Loading & Off-loading All losses due to injury or animals running away.
Transport Animal loss and / or injury due to an accident. Animals loss due to transport - excluding those animals that were in a poor condition when loaded.
Holding Pens Animals injured or lost (injury or theft) in the holding pens at the abattoir.
Losses due to Post mortem (diseases & bruising) The difference between compensation payment by the abattoir and the 100% value of carcass.



Transit Insurance Cost

Insurance is available at 0,5% of the gross value of the carcass value of the load.



Abattoir Services

Agra is represented at the Meatco Abattoirs (Windhoek and Okahandja) and can provide a monitoring service for producers. Agra can monitor the slaughtering process and ensure that the correct documented results reach the producer as quickly as possible.




Diseases and compensation payment

  % Payable by Abattoir  
Disease & Condition Cattle Sheep Description
Degeneration / Wet Carcass 55   Due to chronic disease or malnutrition, organs muscles degenerated
Anaemia 0   Due to bleeding, endoparasites or protozol disease - Bebesiosis
Contamination 55   During slaughter process either by pus or faecal by intestinal spillage or by dirt (falling off hook / rail)
Icterus 55   Either due to toxic plants affecting the liver or due to diseases like anaplasmosis
Uraemia 0   Due to acute kidney disease or obstructions in the urinary system
Aktinomycosis 0   Bacterial disease affecting the bone tissue (jaws, etc.)
Casedus Lymphadenitis 0   Condemnation only if widespread - mainly found in small stock
Arthritis 55   Can be acute with fever and septicaemia, mostly localized
Metritis 55   Acute or chronic (i.e. after calving)
Nephritis 55   Seldom acute, chronic cause or uraemia
Pericarditis 55   If acute total condemnation
Peritonitis 55 N / A Acute or chronic
Pleuritis / Pleuricy 55 N / A Acute or chronic, with lungs affected
Pneumonia 55 N / A Acute or chronic or localized
Cysticercosis (see MA and MC) 55   Parasitic lava
Parafilanasis 55   Subcutaneous parasite, caused subcutaneous lesions / bleeding
Sarcosporidiosis 55   Parasite disease, lesions similar to Cysticercosis
Abscesses 55   Swolen area. Accumulating pus within a body tissue
Pyaemia 0   Acute due to general disease
Septicaemia 0   Acute disease, fever.
Carcinoma 55   Localized
Malanoma 55   Localized
Sarcanoma 55   Localized
Abn. Pigmentation 55   Due to plants / feed stuffs / toxins
Melanosis 55   Dark pigmentation - seldom localized
Abn. Odour 55   Due to feed or i.e. Ureamia
Anaplasmosis 0 N / A Signs of acute illness and fever - Anaemia
Babesiose 0 N / A Acute disease, Anaemia
Besnoitiosis 0   Seldom
Bruising 100   Localized. Often due to incorrect transportation, horn injuries, etc.
Bruising 90  
Bruising 80  
Cachexia / Emaciation 0   A condition of weakness, chronic generalized disease
Swine Erysipelas N / A N / A Acute disease of pigs
Fever 0   Acure disease
Gangrene / Necrosis 0   Death and decomposition of a part of body tissue. Sceptic lesions.
Hyaditosis / Eccinococcosis 55   Parasite disease due to tapeworms causing cysts in internal organs, local organ infection
Ketosis 0   Metabolic disease after calving
Immaturity 0   Unborn Animals
Ineff. Bleeding 0   Fever: Animal dead or moribund
Lumsy Skin Disease 0 N / A Infectious disease, often chronic or subclinical, with only skin lesions
Sarcoptic Mange 0 N / A Parasite disease of the skin, leads to emaciation
Mastitis 0   Acute - fever, Septicaemia etc. Chronic - localized
Moribund 0   Animal dying before slaughter
Oedema 0   Pathological condition due to chronic or parasite disease
Omphalophlebitis 0   Young animals
Over Scalding 0   Over scalding in pigs
Black Quarter 0   Infectious disease - high fever
Scrotal Scepticaemia 0   Localized
Tuberculosis 0   Chronic disease, spesific regulations apply
Measles Detained 90 N / A  
Measles Condemned 69    


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Transit Insurance Policy

Click on the link below to download the complete Transit Insurance Policy, which clearly outlines the Insurance Policy for any Loss sustained arising from an Insured Event occurred during the period of insurance subject to the terms, exceptions, conditions and limits of this policy.

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