Namibia produces approximately 140,000 karakul pelts per annum. These are sold under the name Swakara at Kopenhagen Fur in Denmark twice a year. We at Agra manage a pelt sorting centre in Windhoek and are responsible for the collecting, sorting and marketing of these precious and globally sought-after pelts. We are also actively involved in the selling of breeding stock, either by auction or through direct liaison services.

Swakara pelt production is not new to local communal farmers. Back in the sixties, many pelts were produced in the arid areas of Namibia, suitable for Swakara production. As there is a growing demand for pelts, more Swakara farmers are needed in the industry to fill this gap. Agra as a responsible corporate citizen will remain committed to develop and improve the Swakara Industry. Through the House of Swakara, we will continue focusing on the professional marketing of Swakara pelts, developing and implementing strategies for growing the industry, imparting knowledge and directly supporting the farmers in their strive to grow the industry.


Karakul - Gift from the Arid Land

"Karakul - Gift from the Arid Land" is an informative book about the unique pelts and how they are processed. The book is available for sale from the offices of the Karakul Board of Namibia.


To acquire a copy, please contact us on +264 61 290 9311.

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