Stud Services: Large Stock Auction Summaries

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Date Title Document
10 Apr 2021Avicultural Association of NamibiaDownload
25 Feb 2021Central Select Summer SaleDownload
27 Nov 2020Noordelike BulveilingDownload
06 Nov 2020Northern Select SaleDownload
04 Nov 2020Western Riding Horses AuctionDownload
27 Oct 2020Boran National AuctionDownload
21 Oct 2020National Brahman AuctionDownload
16 Oct 2020Sim Xtravaganza AuctionDownload
14 Oct 2020Hochfeld Joint Production AuctionDownload
09 Oct 2020Paresis Bull and Female auctionDownload
24 Sep 2020G8 Bonsmara AuctionDownload
15 Sep 2020Namibia Genetics Bull and Female AuctionDownload
10 Sep 2020Central Select SaleDownload
28 Aug 2020Daan Weerlig Stud and Commercial AuctionDownload
07 Aug 2020Outjo Joint Production AuctionDownload
06 Aug 2020Gobabis Bonsmara AuctionDownload
30 Jul 20201st Schumacher Bonsmara AuctionDownload
17 Jul 2020Top 10 Bonsmara AuctionDownload
02 Jul 2020BXB Elite AuctionDownload
18 Jun 2020Westelike Bonsmara Winter AuctionDownload
16 Jun 2020Hochfeld Joint Production AuctionDownload
04 Jun 2020Northern Select SaleDownload
15 May 2020Hartebeestloop Bonsmara AuctionDownload
06 May 2020Namibia Genetics Bull and Female AuctionDownload
27 Feb 2020Central Select Summer SaleDownload
01 Nov 2019Northern Select SaleDownload
29 Oct 20196th National Boran AuctionDownload
23 Oct 2019Brahman National AuctionDownload
18 Oct 2019Sim Xtravaganza AuctionDownload
16 Oct 2019Hochfeld Joint Production AuctionDownload
11 Oct 2019Paresis Bull and Female auctionDownload
12 Sep 2019Central Select SaleDownload
29 Aug 2019G8 Bonsmara Download
15 Aug 2019Namibia Genetics Bull AuctionDownload
06 Aug 2019Gobabis Bonsmara AuctionDownload
19 Jul 2019Top 10 Bonsmara AuctionDownload
05 Jul 2019BXB Elite AuctionDownload
21 Jun 2019Western Bonsmara Winter AuctionDownload
18 Jun 2019Hochfeld Joint Production AuctionDownload
06 Jun 2019Northern Select SaleDownload

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Stud Services: Small Stock Summaries

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