Stud Services: Small Stock Auction Summaries

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Date Title Document
13 Sep 2019Keetmanshoop Meatmaster AuctionDownload
16 Aug 2019Northern Boer Goat Club Show AuctionDownload
08 Aug 2019Samehaling & Du Toit Dorper Stampriet AuctionDownload
31 Jul 2019Lovedale Farming cc Swakara auctionDownload
14 Jun 2019BTGN (Boer Goat) Breeders AuctionDownload
08 May 2019Hanekom Meatmaster Production AuctionDownload
10 Apr 2019Signalberg Meatmaster AuctionDownload
20 Mar 2019Samehaling Dorper, White Dorper, Meatmaster and Van Rooy AuctionDownload
08 Mar 2019Salztal Boer Gaot and Van Rooy AuctionDownload
20 Feb 2019Gert van Wyk and Guestsellers Boer Goat AuctionDownload
16 Nov 2018Noordelike Bull and RamDownload
24 Oct 2018Koos Kotze Swakara auctionDownload
26 Sep 2018Elite Swakara AuctionDownload
14 Sep 2018Keetmanshoop Show and Meatmaster auctionDownload
17 Aug 2018Northern Boer Goat Club AuctionDownload
09 Aug 2018Stampriet Performance Tested Veldram AuctionDownload
25 Jul 2018Lovedale Farming cc SwakaraDownload
16 May 2018GM van Wyk en JP Blaauw Swakara auctionDownload
27 Apr 2018STG Herfs Swakara auctionDownload
27 Apr 2018Otjiwarongo Small Stock Stud AuctionDownload
20 Apr 2018BSB Production Auction (Stephan Botes)Download
11 Apr 2018Signalberg Meatmaster AuctionDownload
28 Mar 20181st Annual Top Gentic AuctionDownload
22 Mar 2018Samehaling Dorper and White Dorper AuctionDownload
14 Mar 2018Saamstaan Farming Meatmaster AuctionDownload
09 Mar 2018Jan Blaauw & G van den Heever Small Stock AuctionDownload
23 Feb 2018Gert van Wyk Small Stock Production AuctionDownload
10 Nov 2017Gellap-Ost Swakara AuctionDownload
01 Nov 2017Elite Swakara Ram AuctionDownload
06 Oct 2017Windhoek Small Stock Stud AuctionDownload
20 Sep 2017Kotze Ram and Ewe Swakara AuctionDownload
15 Sep 2017Keetmanshoop Show AuctionDownload
02 Aug 2017Samehaling en Du Toit Performance tested Veldram AuctionDownload
26 Jul 2017Lovedale Farming cc Swakara auctionDownload
11 Jul 2017Raimar von Hase and Reinhold Schreiber Swakara ram auctionDownload
09 Jun 2017Omongua Boer Goat and Guestseller AuctionDownload
10 May 2017Hendrik Duvenhage Swakara Ram AuctionDownload
28 Apr 2017Swakara "Herfs" AuctionDownload
28 Apr 20176th Otjiwarongo Small Stock Stud AuctionDownload
21 Apr 2017Pieter Joubert Total Dispersal Auction and Production Auction of Stephan BotesDownload

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