Date: 12 Jun 2021
in: Kalkfeld


SUPER GAME AND OKOSONGORO BOMA  AUCTION, Farm Okosongoro - Kalkfeld district, 12 June 2021, 11:00



On Offer:




Super Game will be hosting our annual auction on Farm Okosongoro, Kalkfeld on 12 June 2021.


This year we welcome Guest Sellers Dr. Werner Rogl and Piet du Toit of Piet Du Toit Wildbedryf who will be auctioning off pristine Namibian genetics.


We also welcome back stalwarts Dirk De Bod of Dirk De Bod Safaris and Peter and Uta Clausen of Okosongoro Safari Ranch!


Werner Rogl:

Nyala Ewes Running with 30” bull

30” Lechwe Ram

31” Lechwe Ram

Lechwe Ewes Running with 32” Ram

Damara Dik Dik 1 pair


Piet Du Toit Wildbedryf:

2 x Livingstone Eland Bulls

5x Sable Heifers

4x Nyala Ewes


Hunting Package 1:

50” Sable Bull and 28”Nyala Bull

All inclusive

South Africa


Hunting Package 2:

Hard boss Buffalo Bull and 28” Nyala Bull

All inclusive

South Africa


Dirk De Bod:

1x 28” Nyala Bull

1x Nyala Hunting Bull

2x Bushbuck Breeding Groups (4F: 1F)

4x Nyala Ewes


Okosongoro Safari Ranch:

Impala Breeding Group (12F:3M)

Kudu Breeding Group (8F:2M)

Hartmann Zebra Family Group

Tsessebe Breeding Group (2F:1M)

Eland Breeding Group (5F:2M)

Springbuck Breeding Group (12F:3M)

Giraffe Breeding Group (3F:2M)

Ostrich (15)

Golden Oryx (2F:1M)

Blue Wildebeest Breeding Group (2M:6F)

Waterbuck Breeding Group (8F:2M)

3x Sable Heifers (18 months)

1x Tsessebe Adult Bull

3 x 40” Sable Bulls

2 x Roan Bulls

2 Roan Heifers

Oryx Breeding Group (8F:2M)

Red Hartebeest Breeding Group (8F:2M)

10x Red Hartebeest Bulls


Super Game:

Tame Game:

1 x Burchell Zebra Mare

1x Eland Heifer

1x Springbuck Ewe

1 Nyala Bull

1x Nyala Ewe


Plains and Exotic Game:

20x Impala Rams

Black Impala Breeding Group (9F:2M)

Burchell Zebra Family Group

20x Springbuck Rams

Springbuck Breeding Group (12F:3M)

Springbuck Grand Slam

2x Blesbuck Breeding Group (10F:2M)

10x Blesbuck Rams

2x Golden Wildebeest Starter Group (4F:1M)

2x Golden Wildebeest Bulls

10x Blue Wildebeest Bulls

10x Black Wildebeest Bulls

Black Faced Impala Breedng Group (8F:2M)

10x Black Faced Impala Rams

5x Young Sable Bulls (16-24 months)

Lechwe Breeding Group (6F:1M)

Nyala Breeding Group (6F:1M)

46” Sable Bull

40” Sable Hunting Bull

40” Sable Hunting Bull

White Springbuck Breeding Group (8F:2M)

Copper Springbuck Breeding Group (8F:2M)

Black Springbuck Breeding Group (8F:2M)

Coffee Springbuck Ram with 4x 10” Springbuck Ewes

27” Roan Hunting Bull

2x White Rhino Heifers (5 years old)


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Auction Documents:

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Contact Person for this Auction

Fullname: Henno Badenhorst
Tel: +264 67 303 105
Fax: +264 67 307 237
Cell: +264 (0) 81 257 7020

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