The first Namibian co-operative, Farmers Co-operative Union (FCU), was founded in 1946. It operated as a branch, situated in Cape Town, with an initial marketing focus on wool and karakul pelts, produced by Namibian farmers. In 1949, Port Elizabeth based organisation Boeresaamwerk Bpk. opened its doors in Namibia, operating with the same objectives as the FCU.

Over the years, both co-operatives extended their operations to become fully-fledged agricultural co-operatives in direct competition with each other. On 1 July 1975 they eventually joined forces by founding one single co-operative, the Boere Koöperatief Beperk (BKB). BKB was still controlled by South Africans, although Namibians were represented on the board of directors.

The desire for an independent control by farmers and the agricultural community over Namibian operations resulted in the foundation of an independent co-operative for Namibians.

AGRA (Co-op) Ltd. took over the operations of BKB on 1 July 1980 forming the first Namibian agricultural co-operative.

After 33 years of building a successful business, Agra converted into Agra Limited on 1 February 2013, a public non-listed company, in order to adapt to the ever-evolving trends in agricultural and business world. A broader capital base provides Agra with the facilitation of investment and working capital in order to upgrade its infrastructure, expand its branches and business portfolio.

Corporate News

Agra through the Agra Staff Initiative Fund (ASIF) has been giving back to the vulnerable communities the past winter. The project that commenced beginning of June served as a countrywide practice, where vulnerable members of the community as well as various organisations received donations in the form of blankets, food items and basic necessities. The ASIF Fund was established and is sustained w...

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