About AGRA

The Agra business model is rooted in agriculture, which is very close to our hearts. We value its significant contribution to the economy and most importantly towards food security in Namibia.


Who we are:

We have been one of the pillars of the agricultural community of Namibia since its inception in 1980, operating as a market driven business within the retail industry. Rooted in Agriculture, Agra has developed a vast network of branches over Namibia, some 4300 shareholders and more than 800 employees, Agra has certainly established itself as a significant Namibian business.

We strive to remain the preferred destination for the Namibian farmer as well as non-farming retail and wholesale clients, by offering quality products at reasonable prices backed by trusted advice and excellent client service. We have experienced stable growth and are proud to be a fully-fledged Namibian organisation.


How we do it:

We provide various growth and development opportunities for our employees in the form of internal training courses, study aid or external development opportunities.

We invest in the Namibian community via sponsorship, support programmes and educational initiatives on various platforms.

We remain dedicated to creating prosperity, improving quality of life by contributing towards the socioeconomic environment of Namibia; caring about our environment and building innovative and sustainable businesses.




Corporate News

The Agra ASIF Committee has been renovating the Oncology Family room at the Windhoek Central Hospital, for the past 4 months. On the 27th of September, the Committee handed over the renovated room to the Hospital Management. The Renovated Oncology Room, which was quite basic before, was refurnished with brand new furniture, appliances, educational books and games.   Mr. Christo van Wyk,...

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