Tenders and Special Projects

The main focus in on the sourcing, supply and delivery of materials for various contract including Government tenders.

Projects include:

The continuous supply of materials and equipment for the prevention of Malaria which include insecticides, Malaria kits for Government such as The Ministry of Health.

Supply and delivery of various infra structural materials and equipment towards the Electoral Commission of Namibia. Supply and delivery of selected uniform items for various Government departments such as the Namibian Police, Armed Forces and Correctional Services.

Direct sourcing and import of various retail commodities from outside SADC such as fencing, water and farming equipment and materials.

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Retail and Wholesale News

The re-opening of Agra Otavi was celebrated on Friday, 1 December 2017 after a major upgrade was done at this retail branch. This once again confirmed what Agra’s CEO, Arnold Klein, said in the company’s annual report: “Focussing on our core business and the continuous upgrading of our branch infrastructure remain strategic priorities.”   A new feed and licks store...