Training and Mentoring


Our training and mentoring programmes are aimed towards farm workers, supervisors and managers at introductory and advanced levels on all aspects of agricultural production, marketing and farm management.


All training courses are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our current specialised support services focus on the following areas:


  • Business planning and feasibility studies
  • Grazing systems, grazing management and carrying capacity
  • Rangeland condition, improvement and rehabilitation (including bush control)
  • Livestock production and management
  • Game ranching and harvesting
  • Herd health and animal management
  • Livestock marketing
  • Performance management, including production efficiency and targets
  • Farm infrastructure development and maintenance
  • Farm planning, farm mapping, general farm resource management


Feel free to contact our offices for more information on our tailor-made and specialised support programmes, our expert teams or our consultancy rates. We will be happy to work out a training programme with you that will fit your personal needs and field of interest.



Training Schedule

Download our training schedule for August 2017 - July 2018

Download Document: ProVision Training Schedule

Rangeland Management

Agra ProVision offers regular training courses on rangeland management, where participants are taught how to determine fodder availability and calculate fodder flow projections for the dry season ahead. Alternatively, we can provide the on-farm service.


If you have any questions or need further support in this very important activity, please feel free to contact:


Bertus Kruger at Agra Provision (081 1204 0124) or or

Dr Cornelis van der Waal of Agri-Ecological Services at 081 604 5878 or

ProVision News

Agra ProVision is a competent agribusiness advisory service that provides professional industry related information and consultancy to Namibian producers and related organisations. Agra ProVision offers 7 intensive training courses all year round, which are easily available to all interested people in the country; from communal farmers to commercial farmers. Upcoming livestock farmers are also urg...