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Our training and mentoring programmes are aimed towards farm workers, supervisors and managers at introductory and advanced level on all aspects of agricultural production and farm management.

All training courses are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our current specialised support services focus on the following areas:
• Swakara pelt marketing services and advice on pelt production
• Grazing systems, grazing management and carrying capacity
• Rangeland condition, improvement and rehabilitation (including bush control)
• Livestock production and management
• Game ranching and harvesting
• Herd health and animal management
• Livestock marketing
• Stud breeding of cattle, sheep and goats, including specialised Swakara breeding
• Performance management, including production efficiency and targets
• Farm planning, farm mapping, general farm resource management

Feel free to contact our offices for more information on our tailor-made and specialised support programmes, our expert teams or our consultancy rates. We will be happy to work out a training programme with you that will fit your personal needs and field of interest.

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ProVision News

Agra ProVision kick started the year hosting training courses to empower farmers. From 24 – 27 January 2017, Agra ProVision trained 10 farmers through the Rangeland Management training course. The training was well attended by both upcoming and established farmers. The four day training programme comprised of the following topics: understanding grass, how it grows and how it responds...

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At least once in a lifetime you will need a doctor, a lawyer, an architect - but everyday, three times a day, you'll need a farmer!

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