ProVision Team

Pauline Lindeque (PhD)
Manager: ProVision 
TEL: +264 61 290 9378


Pauline has many years of management experience, planning and coordination. She has strong analytical skills, a logical approach, strengthened by her accurate data management abilities, which has enabled her to develop and implement systems to attain specific goals.

Wessel Visser
Manager: Swakara 
TEL: +264 61 290 9302


Wessel has vast experience in livestock research, Swakara marketing, small stock production and training. He is responsible for the promotion of swakara nationally and internationally, and manages the activities of the Swakara/Karakul Board of Namibia.

Angelina Kanduvarisa
Researcher: Agriculture
TEL: +264 61 290 9208


Angelina has sound knowledge of livestock, rangeland management in theory and its practical application in communal and commercial farming set ups. She also has experience in sampling, data collection and farmer training, attributed by her passionate involvement working in the northern communal areas of Namibia.

Bertus Kruger
Technical Advisor: Rangeland Management
TEL: +264 61 290 9354
CELL: +264 81 1240124


Bertus has vast working experience on various aspects of natural resource management ranging from research, extension, training and management.

Fonnie Bruwer (Dr)
Technical Advisor: Animal Health
TEL: +264 61 290 9357

Fonnie is a registered Veterinarian. He has broad knowledge on all aspects of being a veterinarian ranging from dealing with patients to all clinical, surgical and preventative work. He enjoys working with people and has a passion for animal care and strive to provide excellent client service.

Frank Wittneben
Technical Advisor: Animal Production
TEL: +264 61 290 9242

Frank is actively involved in the development of upcoming producers and farms in general, sharing his knowledge on animal husbandry practises, cattle production systems, farming diversification and rangeland management.

Jaco van Zyl
Specialist: Swakara Production
TEL: +264 61 290 9301

Jaco has worked closely with Swakara for years and has gained experience in international marketing of swakara wool and pelts, administration of international auctions and training in the production of small livestock with emphasis on International Market Standards.

Jeremy Duffield-Harding
Specialist: Swakara Pelts
TEL: +264 61 290 9301

Jeremy has extensive experience in pelt marketing. He is a member of the Karakul (Swakara) Board of Namibia, and has a passion for Swakara, specialising in Swakara from early on in his career. While working in the auction environment, he has developed an interest for brand-building, product development and advertising.

Twakulilwa Kayofa
Officer: Communication and Public Relations
TEL: +264 61 290 9364


As ProVision’s “Minister of Information”, Twaku possess extensive knowledge in public relations, media relations, web management, development and implementation of communication strategies.

ProVision News

Agra ProVision kick started the year hosting training courses to empower farmers. From 24 – 27 January 2017, Agra ProVision trained 10 farmers through the Rangeland Management training course. The training was well attended by both upcoming and established farmers. The four day training programme comprised of the following topics: understanding grass, how it grows and how it responds...

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