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Meat Prices

Click on the link below to download the latest Meat Prices from the Meat Board of Namibia's website.

For more information about the Namibian Meat Prices, Standard Operating Procedures, Industry Involvement, etc. visit the Namibian Meat Board website.

Transit Insurance

The transporting and slaughtering of animals always include a certain amount of risk. Agra manages comprehensive transit insurance, covering animals from loading onto the abattoir floor, at a minimal cost. Carcasses that are degraded due to specific diseases as well as bruises, are included in the insurance.   Loading & Off-loading All losses due to injury or animals running away. Transport Animal loss and / or injury due to an accident. Animals loss due to transport - excluding those animals that were in a poor condition when loaded. Holding Pens Animals injured or lost (injury or theft) in the holding pens at the abattior. Losses due to Post mortem (diseases & bruising) The difference between compensation payment by the abattoir and the 100% value of carcass.