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Welcome to Namibia's biggest marketer of livestock, providing to both, buyers and sellers alike an enabling platform to marketing, trade and promote a producers most valued asset - his or her livestock. Backed with an extensive network of branches, we offer a flexible approach to the marketing of livestock, ranging from traditional sale yard auctions to an integrated online stocklink service, complemented with a professional stud service. Agra is also able to supply stock to the live export trade worldwide through our stocklink services and have the means for electronic livestock marketing via electronic media.

Agra is as well the biggest marketer of the highly regarded Swakara pelts. The Agra Pelt Centre is the only centre in Africa where these immense popular pelts are graded and prepared for international auctions abroad. Graded pelts are sold by Agra in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Additionally, Agra provides a professional auctioning service for the selling of property and movable goods, ranging from covenient office furniture to sought-after antiques. Our network to various industries in Namibia is very well established via our stragecially positioned regional managers and a number of professional and enthusiastic livestock personnel.


Agra Auctions & Livestock are your best bet to bring supply and demand together  at one place, in the most profitable manner for both parties.


Contact AGRA

Hannes BritsEmail Me
Position: Livestock Co-ordinatorTown: Windhoek
Tel.: +264 61 290 9251Fax.: +264 61 290 9327Cell.: +264 (0) 81 142 4496
Herman LintveltEmail Me
Position: Regional Manager: CentralTown: Windhoek
Tel.: +264 61 290 9315Fax.: +264 61 290 9280Cell.: +264 (0) 81 129 9987
Jaco du PreezEmail Me
Position: Livestock AgentTown: Okahandja
Tel.: N/AFax.: N/ACell.: +264 (0) 81 146 5643
Jaco de BeerEmail Me
Position: Agent: Stud ServiceTown: Windhoek
Tel.: N/AFax.: N/ACell.: +264 (0) 81 701 0118
Swannie SwanepoelEmail Me
Position: Livestock AgentTown: Aranos
Tel.: +264 63 272 078Fax.: +264 63 272 083Cell.: +264 (0) 81 127 4600
Titus KoenEmail Me
Position: General Manager: LivestockTown: Windhoek
Tel.: +264 61 290 9339Fax.: +264 61 290 9327Cell.: N/A
Wilhelm MosehuusEmail Me
Position: Regional Manager: NorthTown: Otjiwarongo
Tel.: +264 67 303 105Fax.: +264 67 307 237Cell.: +264 (0) 81 124 5605
Willem ZwiegersEmail Me
Position: Regional Manager: SouthTown: Mariental
Tel.: +264 63 241 551Fax.: +264 63 503 087Cell.: +264 (0) 81 042 9194

Meat Prices

Click on the link below to download the latest Meat Prices from the Meat Board of Namibia's website.

For more information about the Namibian Meat Prices, Standard Operating Procedures, Industry Involvement, etc. visit the Namibian Meat Board website.

Terms and Conditions

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Auctions and Livestock News

Agra’s auctioneering services are continuously expanding and have just added a horse stud auction to its repertoire of stud auctions successfully hosted. The Bronco Quarter Horse Stud auction was hosted by Agra Auctions on Tuesday, 30 May 2017 at 18:00 at the Agra/Bank Windhoek Ring in Windhoek. “This was a first for us and we will definitely build on this auction to make these spec...