Corporate Social Investment

At Agra, our people come first. And the Namibian population is "our people". As we are well aware that no business can exist without the support and the growing wealth of our community, we at Agra support eagerly initiatives that contribute to the socio-economic wealth of our population, as well as the productive and optimal use of our natural resources.

Our ongoing contributions to diverse developments via sponsorships in our communities, agricultural projects, public lectures and presentations on practical agriculture, help to develop and uplift the people of Namibia and therefore, simply, providing a better life.

Agra Social Report 2016

Agra Limited as a responsible corporate citizen remains committed to contribute effectively to the sustainable improvement of Namibia’s agriculture sector. As a trusted partner in the agriculture sector, Agra’s corporate social initiatives are geared towards the upliftment of Namibian communities in an effort to maintain a balance between the economy and environments in which we practise business. We believe that a robust agriculture sector is a basis for healthy, balanced socio-economic development.

Download Document: Agra Social Report 2016

Agra Social Report 2015

Agra Limited’s purpose is to create prosperity and improve quality of life. Agra is a major role player in the agricultural industry, which is of utmost importance in the Namibian economy and central to the lives of the majority of the population. It therefore remains strategically important for Agra to contribute to the development of agriculture and agricultural communities through our corporate social involvement.

Download Document: Agra Social Report 2015

Agra Social Report 2014

Agra’s execution of its Corporate Social Responsibility goes beyond compliance and the interests of the firm. It engages in activities that aim to further social good, and have a positive impact on the environment and Agra’s stakeholders, including our consumers, employees, investors and the Namibian community as a whole. 

Our re-investment policy is aimed at reinforcing our company purpose of creating prosperity and improving quality of life through various community interventions.

Download Document: Agra Social Report 14

Agra Social Report 2013

The year 2013 marks Agra’s change from a cooperative to a public company. Agra has been a strong pillar in the agricultural sector of Namibia for 33 years and continues to be the destination for the Namibian farmer as well as for numerous non-farming retail and wholesale clients.

Download Document: AGRA SOCIAL REPORT 2013

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