About AGRA

Who we are:   We have been one of the pillars of the agricultural community of Namibia since its inception in 1980, operating as a market driven business within the retail industry.   We strive to remain the preferred destination for the Namibian farmer as well as non-farming retail and wholesale clients, by offering quality products at reasonable prices backed by truste...


The Best way to market your Livestock assets   Welcome to Namibia's biggest marketer of livestock, providing to both, buyers and sellers alike an enabling platform to marketing, trade and promote a producers most valued asset - his or her livestock. Backed with an extensive network of branches, we offer a flexible approach to the marketing of livestock, ranging from traditional...
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Safari Den

Safari Den is Namibia’s preferred Safari outfitter with a great selection of camping and outdoor gear, arms and ammunition, safari and adventure clothes and footwear, as well as all the great equipment and gadgets that make a trip into the wild a walk in the park. All products offered by Safari Den are field proven and of highest quality standards to provide utmost performance a...


Agra ProVision is a competent agri-business advisory service that provides professional industry-related information and consultancy to Namibian producers and related organisations. It empowers the agriculture sector to grow sustainably. The core services offered by ProVision is the supply and transfer of industry knowledge and expertise via training, mentoring, and access to data res...


Ninety percent of our nation-wide branches are located in properties owned by Agra and are testament to our proud investment in Namibia.   We also own auction facilities and houses in all regions of Namibia.   Auas Valley Shopping Mall is the biggest of the Agra property portfolio. The upgraded mall is part of Windhoek’s business and shopping hub, placed in a ...

Latest News

Agra’s Auctioneering services have added another record to its repertoire, following a successful Weaner Competition at Grootfontein on 19 July 2017. This year’s Grootfontein weaner auction was a huge success and exceeded previous records. With 2 155 weaner calves sold at an average price of N$ 6 684, the total sales of N$ 14,405,450 is a record turnover. The average price for weaner calves recorded on Tollies was N$ 33.33 / kg with the highest price of 35.12/kg. Heifers recorded an average price of N$ 31.12/kg with the highest price of N$ 34.21/kg. The purchasing power was at its strongest in years, with representatives from 1...

Shares Trading Report


    Value traded (N$) Ave. price per share (N$) Deals Number of shares
Current Year 2017 2 825 529 1.46 56 1 935 319
Month 07 56 233 1.46 1 38 516
Day 07 - - - -
Bids     -    
Asks     -    
Previous Year 2016 3 613 491 1.45 70 2 498 933
Previous Months 04/2017 511 530 1.46 13 350 363
  05/2017 349 777 1.46 7 39 573
  06/2017 301 750 1.46 8 206 676