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AGRA. A BETTER LIFE.   Agra Limited is Namibia’s leading agricultural industry player, providing agricultural and industry related products and services to Namibian producers and major industry players. The public non-listed company is one of the pillars of the agricultural community of Namibia and is proud to be a fully-fledged Namibian organization. Agra offers a ...


The Best way to market your Livestock assets   Welcome to Namibia's biggest marketer of livestock, providing to both, buyers and sellers alike an enabling platform to marketing, trade and promote a producers most valued asset - his or her livestock. Backed with an extensive network of branches, we offer a flexible approach to the marketing of livestock, ranging from traditional sale yard auctions to an integrated online stocklink service, complemented with a professional stud service. Agra is also able to supply stock to the live export trade worldwide t...
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Agra ProVision is a competent agri-business advisory service that provides professional industry-related information and consultancy to Namibian producers and related organisations. It empowers the agriculture sector to grow sustainably. The core services offered by ProVision is the supply and transfer of industry knowledge and expertise via training, mentoring, and access to data res...


All Agra branches are located in properties owned by Agra, and are testament to Agra’s proud investment in Namibia. Agra also owns auction facilities and houses in all regions of Namibia. Auas Valley Shopping Mall is the biggest of the Agra property portfolio. The upgraded mall is Windhoek’s new business and shopping hub, placed in a prime commercial area offering free and ...

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Use the flipper below to browse through the March 2017 Agra Ring. This month's edition is filled with articles about: Agra Karibib sommer splinternuut Redaksioneel Agra awards winning branches Agra also a worthy winner Auas Valley Shopping Mall news Kruipvoeding van kalwers Agra se tiende sosiale verslag gepubliseer Awareness campaign on venereal diseases Information on critical venereal diseases Bonsmara - die boerbees van keuse ...

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Current Year 2017 1 231 163 1.46 20 843 288
Month 03 325 884 1.46 4 233 208
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Previous Year 2016 3 613 491 1.45 70 2 498 933
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