About AGRA

AGRA. A BETTER LIFE.   Agra Limited is Namibia’s leading agricultural industry player, providing agricultural and industry related products and services to Namibian producers and major industry players. The public non-listed company is one of the pillars of the agricultural community of Namibia and is proud to be a fully-fledged Namibian organization. Agra offers a ...

Auctions and Livestock

The Best way to market your Livestock assets   Welcome to Namibia's biggest marketer of livestock, providing to both, buyers and sellers alike an enabling platform to marketing, trade and promote a producers most valued asset - his or her livestock. Backed with an extensive network of branches, we offer a flexible approach to the marketing of livestock, ranging from tradit...

Retail and Wholesale

Agra Retail & Wholesale is a desired destination for customers and employer of choice embracing a dynamic business culture, consisting of 18 Retail Branches, 4 Fuel Stations and 2 Wholesale Outlets. Agra Retail & Wholesale provides an excellent community and nationwide service and product range – from fast moving consumer goods, clothing & shoes, fuel, household goo...

Safari Den

Safari Den is Namibia’s preferred Safari outfitter with a great selection of camping and outdoor gear, arms and ammunition, safari and adventure clothes and footwear, as well as all the great equipment and gadgets that make a trip into the wild a walk in the park. All products offered by Safari Den are field proven and of highest quality standards to provide utmost performance a...


ProVision (the former Professional Service Division (PSD) within Agra, is a competent agro-business consultancy that provides professional industry-related information and resources to Namibian producers and related organisations in order to empower the agriculture sector to grow sustainably in the future. The core service offered by ProVision is the supply and transfer of industry kn...


All Agra branches are located in properties owned by Agra, and are testament to Agra’s proud investment in Namibia. Agra also owns auction facilities and houses in all regions of Namibia. Auas Valley Shopping Mall is the biggest of the Agra property portfolio and is currently in the process of being extensively upgraded and developed to the tune of approximately N$320 million. T...

Latest News

Agra facilitated the sale of the Swakara offering at the April pelt auction in Copenhagen, Denmark, with the highest ever black pelt price in Namibian Dollar of N$2 405.60 per pelt. Of the total offer of 68 500 Swakara pelts, 64 462 were sold at this auction on the 10th of April 2014. The average price was N$566.87 per pelt, a decrease of 12.37% on the N$646.88 achieved at the September 2013 auction. The pelts sold consisted of 48 855 black, 14 030 white and 1 577 diverse pelts. The highest price achieved for white Swakara was N$2 405.60 for a lot of 58 KF Selected Extra pelts, purchased by Mr Michaelis Konstantinou of Konstant...

Shares Trading Report


    Value traded (N$) Ave. price per share (N$) Deals Number of shares
Current Year 2014 1 253 452 1.12 13 1 124 019
Month 4 411 341 1.10 3 373 901
Day 17 - 0 - -
Bids     -    
Asks     1.10   7 376
Previous Year 2013 8 281 997 1.26 84 6 572 137
Previous Months 01/2014 - 0 - -
  02/2014 541 358 1.11 5 486 524
  03/2014 300 753 1.14 5 263 594